Gwendolyn Brooks

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On March 16, 1957, Gwendolyn V. Brooks was born.  On November 1, 1974 she married Rev. Herbert Brooks, after the first born in 1976 they began their family together.
Most of her life, "Gwen" has been a caregiver to several children.  Even in the beginning of her care giving years, she helped teen mothers from dropping out of school. She found government programs to help teen mothers financially.  Gwen knew that helping others was her calling in life.  Periodically, Gwen and her family would take foster children into their home and treat them as they were real family.  For many years Gwen worked with the handicapped, sick and brokenhearted.  But taking care of children and the sick was not only the gifts GOD blessed her with.
Gwen is a crafter and a florist.  She is most known for her ceramic artwork.  She molds, cleans, and paint ceramic figures.  Everything Gwen does magnifies the GOD given talents and passion of herself.
Gwen and Rev. Herbert Brooks have been married for 34 years. She devotes a lot of her time to the St. John Missionary Baptist Church where she is the first lady.  She and her husband have five children: Herbert Brooks III, Terrance Sr, Maya, Megan and Kalysa.  They also have eight grandchildren: London, Diontre', Terrance Jr., Tamia, Paris, Tashaun and Brooke.  Family is one of the most important things Gwen values. She has instilled family values in her children for years and still does even though most of her kids are now grown.

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