Elizabeth (Liz) Franklin

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A phenomenal "First Lady" for Sacred Heart Catholic Church, arrives at this title not through traditional reference, but the culmination of a journey that started as a child.  God molded her and prepared her for such a day as this, that her works for God and the church, would not go unnoticed.
Mrs. Franklin's seeds were planted with Sacred Heart Church at age eleven when she spent summers as a child here in Joliet.  As an adult, she became a member and has been faithful in wearing many hats in various ministries.  She has served as Religious Education Coordinator and Youth minister, giving birth to young minds through knowledge of God's word.  She choreographed the steps of many in their journeys with Christ, through encouragement and empowerment to walk not by sight, but by faith, as Pastoral Associate for the parish.
Mrs. Franklin later took on the hat that Deborah wore as judge and weaver, for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  As Director, she was a relational leader with an exceptional ability to discern the stories and deepest needs of services in the seven counties of the Catholic Diocese.  She never failed to weave (thru Christ Jesus) a means for those most in need, to Fulfill the vision of their dreams.  Bishop Imesh suffered many migraine headaches over how "Liz" wanted to spend the diocese money.
Mrs. Franklin (a strong advocate of the Word) was one of the first Commentators and Readers from its inception in the 1960s.  At a time when the priest or clergy were only privileged to suc an honor.  She has been a member of the Council of Catholic Women for over twenty-two years, The Bereavement Committe since its inception, and has served every repast and "Celebration of Life" service.  Mrs. Franklin presently serves as Director of the Children's Choir at Sacred Heart Church but served in this capacity at St. Mary Carmelite earlier in her spiritual journey.  She is also a volunteer leader to the "Family Table Soup Kitchen" which brings her great "joy".
Civicly, Mrs. Franklin has served on the first Board of Directors of the Community Action Agency establishing the Head Start Program which still flourishes today, she has served as the chairperson of both the local Board of Direcors for Catholic Charities and the Diocesan Board.  She is currently on the board of St. Mary Nativity School, Habitat for Humanity, and Will County Citizens for Community Concerns.
Mrs. Franklin holds dear to heart, her husband Donald, sister Barbara, and grandson David.  Along with her beloved nine children, 17 grand-children, and nine great-grandchildren.  She is faithful to her pastor, Father Raymond Lescher.
Mrs. Franklins's spiritual life is grounded in the love of God, our creator.  She lives on the word of God, accepts Christ as her Lord and Savior, and is truly guided by the Holy Spirit.  These virtuous attributes have honorably entitled her to all the accolades the title of "First Lady" bestows upon her.  Sacred Heart Church is blessed by God's great works in her.

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