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Legacy of a Woman According To:
Her Husband:
Acclaim's can never be put into words that would impact what she embodies in my heart.  Many see me the husband but don't really see that she is the region of strength and procreative power God has blessed me with.  She is the virtuous woman whose price is far above rubies.  There are no jewels that can compare to her worth.  She is a woman that perserveres through to her purpose.  She supports me as my wife and in the ministry as a wholly woman of God.  She has reared our six children; she works a full time job, finishing her college education, Superintendent of Sunday School, spearhead of the Culinary Department and Financial Counsel.  She is the invisible impact of the visible me both naturally and spiritually according the will and favor of God. She is my Proverbs 31!
Her Children:
Our mother is a legacy of determination and compassion.  She stresses education and allows no excuse for not achieving.  She is one that leads by example.  Despite all the responsibilities as a wife, mother and First Lady of Lively Hope C.O.G.I.C. she attended college and earned her degree in Early Childhood Education.  She is a godly woman of strength, support and generosity.  She gives love and support to anyone who is in need.  Because of her life we have been blessed.
Her Mother:
My daughter's legacy to me is her tender loving care and faithfulnes in working with children and the elderly.  She takes good care of me and of others who is sick.  The things she do for me is not because she has to, it's because of her love and heart to care.
Her Sister:
She is a legacy of understanding, good listener and advisor.  The most valuable thing that she has ever shared was that, just like I can come to her and talk to her about things, that is the same way I can go to God.  She said to talk to Him, just like talking to her, and He will see and understand my heart.  She is truly one of God's greatest creations.
Her Friend:
Her legacy is; steadfastness to the ones that think they can't go on, excellent character of preparation to those that fail to plan for their future and sincere passion for our Saviors love.
Her Church:
Her love and faithfulness is her legacy.  We know she loves God because she obeys Him by loving us, and her faithfulness to Christ is sown through her faithfulness to us.  She is always present with a giggle or a smile.  Even her quiet presence gives us a sense of peace because we know that the Spirit of God is in her.

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